All stages of the Palazzuolo Challenge start and finish in Palazzuolo Sul Senio, but you are free to take the routes as you wish, looking for shortcuts or ride them  backwards.
*Tutte le tappe del Palazzuolo Challenge partono e arrivano a Palazzuolo Sul Senio, ma siete liberi di interpretare i percorsi come volete, cercando scorciatoie o percorrerle in senso inverso.

Stage 1
103km / 1820mt+
Imola 2020 UCI, Gullies, olives oil, lavender 

A stage between the Senio, Imola Uci 2020 and the Sintria valley, short and steep stretches on narrow roads... See more

Stage 2
89km / 2370mt+
Hermitages, sacred florests and poetry

An entire stage into the magical florests of the Casentino...
See more
Stage 3
118km / 2470mt+
“Pietra Serena”, Mille Miglia and a war cemetery

Probably the queen stage of the challenge, that won’t let you sleep the night before... See more

Stage 4
45km / 1150mt+
“Cima Coppi” at Passo Sambuca

The 4th stage will take place exclusively in the Tuscan territory, 42 km left at the end of the challenge...See more

Extra stages

Palazzuolo, s.Rufillo, Monte Battaglia

50.3 km / 860 m

Paretaio, Valle del Santerno, Fontanelice, Casola V. Palazzuolo

66.7 km / 1,300 m

Paretaio, Valle del Santerno, Fontanelice, Casola V., Zattaglia, Palazzuolo -redux-

98km / 2000mt

Paretaio, Futa, Raticosa, Piancaldoli, Castel del rio, Paretaio

110km / 2,400mt

Paretaio, Visignano, Firenzuola

77,5km / 2000mt

Ciclotour Mugello Randonnee 300km

329km / 6950mt

Mugello: Paretaio, Firenzuola, Giogo, Luco Muur, Calzolano

87km / 2,130 m

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